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please stamp meh [Apr. 5th, 2009|02:01 am]
Twilight Stamp Community

stamp meCollapse )
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Who am I [Mar. 28th, 2009|02:51 pm]
Twilight Stamp Community


ApplicationCollapse )
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even though I know this community hasn't been updated in awhile... [Mar. 19th, 2009|01:14 am]
Twilight Stamp Community

[Current Music |Let's Dance ~ Lady Gaga]

... Could you take the time to stamp little ol' me? :D

hey you should totally click this cutCollapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 19th, 2009|12:28 am]
Twilight Stamp Community

Twilight Anonymous Kink Meme!
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(no subject) [Mar. 15th, 2009|07:05 pm]
Twilight Stamp Community


The basic premise of amaranth_sunset is that every week there will be a new challenge to respond to. If you wish to respond to that challenge, drop a comment and a mod will message you the actual prompt. You will have a week to write and submit the muse-induced result to your dashing mods. At the time of the deadline, all recieved fanfictions will be posted anonymously to the community.

That's where the readers come in. You'll have a week to grade said submitted fics. At the end of the week, the fic with the highest average grade will be crowned the winner and recieve a lovely banner as a reward. Sound awesome? Of course it does!
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Twilighter's Hub needs your help [Feb. 28th, 2009|08:43 pm]
Twilight Stamp Community

We have requested for New Moon passes from Summit and we need to make some noise to get it.

we have set up a petition as well as a contest to those who want to win something. Just leave your name and email to enter.

click on the picture to sign our petition

Check out the prizes at http://twilighter-hub.ning.com/group/summitentertainmentpetition

or see this video

Our first draw will be this coming March 7. For that date 3 Valid Contestants will get 1 Edward 3-hole-keychain

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Stamp me? [Feb. 2nd, 2009|04:43 pm]
Twilight Stamp Community

[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

The pin’s out of the grenade for me, now, eh?Collapse )
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Who am I [Jan. 31st, 2009|08:32 pm]
Twilight Stamp Community

It's not my fault your exceptionally unobservantCollapse )
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hello [Jan. 8th, 2009|10:00 pm]
Twilight Stamp Community

and so the lion fell in love with the lambCollapse )
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Oh I'll think we can handle that.. [Jan. 6th, 2009|05:01 pm]
Twilight Stamp Community

[Current Mood |sillysilly]

Bite me!Collapse )
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