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Stamp me! [Jun. 21st, 2013|10:28 pm]
Twilight Stamp Community



The Basics
Name: MadClairvoyant
Age: An old soul
Gender: Female
Location: On earth
Your Weaknesses: Stubborn and proud
Your Strengths: Cunning, clever and relatively charismatic
Your Talents: I play a few instruments, dance, debate, write a lot

Favorite Color(s) and why?: Grey because it is drab and sensible
Favorate Twilight Character(s) and why?: It would be a tie between Marcus, Aro and Jane. Marcus because I understand his plight, and find him both intriguing, and potentially dangerous. Jane as she is young and innocent-like, cleverly fooling anyone who is none the wiser that she is not cruel. Aro because he has a politically useful gift, is sly enough to use it and to manipulate people, and cruel like Jane while hiding it even better. And we must not forget how he manages to make all those talented guards follow him.
Favorite Animal(s) and why?: A snake, because it is venomous, graceful, lethal and cunning, and using the above to survive on its own merit.
Favorite Place(s) and why?: In front of my library of books, as I love reading.
Favorite Movie(s) and why?: Sleeping Beauty (1959); I like the villainess for her ruthlessness and elegance, the princess for her class and voice, and the overall animation.
Favorite Book(s) and why?: The Queen's Thief series. I love the politcal intrigue, the military strategy, and of course the titular cold, 'heartless' and intelligent queen.
Favorite Television Show(s) and why?: I do not watch television.
Favorite Food(s) and why?: Noodles and dumplings.

Twilight Related
Which character would you like to be your best friend? Why?: Marcus. There is so much I want to learn about him. I am sure there is some humour and intelligence there. He has to be intelligent to have ambition to join Aro in the first place, and one definitely needs humour to exist for three thousand years without one's mate.
Which character would you like to be involved with romantically? Why?: None.
If it was between becoming a vampire  <I>or</I> a werewolf, which would you become?: I will run very far to safe my humanity. I prefer not to outlive my loved ones.

Digging Deeper
If you knew that you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do?: Ask for a second opinion.
Put the following words in order according to your priorities : Self, Money, Love, Power, Family Family, Power, Money, Self, Love